Supplying Your Needs

TTS Networks partner with a wide range of suppliers, specialising in Avaya telephony, in order to meet your service needs. From a range of new and used products, we can supply and deliver right to you, at affordable and competitive prices. We can offer equipment from a range of makes and models, such as Avaya, Alcatel, Cisco and more, so get in touch to get a free quote.


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Get Connected

We offer a wide range of methods to get your telephony connected, from standard lines to using SIP Trunks or VOIP, offering your business a flexible approach to getting in touch with your customers. Contact us to day to see which solution may be best for you, saving you money and hassle, using our partners, we do all the work to get you where you need to be.


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After purchasing your telephony products, finding the time or expertise to install them can be troublesome. Therefore, our trained engineers can come to your site and install your equipment for you, saving you time and resources. 


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Expert Guidance

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to keep your equipment operating as it should. Offering up to date firmware and equipment, your business will never fall behind the times, keeping you in check to operate how you need Let us take the hassle out of managing your telephony equipment, allowing you to focus your business and its customers.